Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, Oh....... happened I did it again,
What's this about, getting up at ten?
Everyone wonders, they think I'm a nut,
how did I ever get in this rut?
When I go to the meeting, it's half past seven,
but for me it's later than half past eleven.
When I eat lunch, it could be at nine,
one crazy thing, this life of mine!

I went the doctor, went to the lab first,
they took my blood, just like we rehearsed.
He was so happy the lung doctor guy,
I'm getting better, on me there's no fly.
The disease isn't progressing, for me it's a first,
it's getter better, the news isn't the worst.

I'm all done with doctors, how time does fly,
but wait just a minute, how is your eye?
I don't know now, but in a couple of weeks,
good Dr. Lyons will take a few peeks.
That's the last of appointments that I have to make,
seems like all of my time, these quack guys will take.

Today it's off to a meeting it'll make me feel good,
try to act human, be nice, act like I should,
just have to make through this long day,
then later on, I'll hit the hay.
Go to bed and in my dreams do I thrive,
You see...I'm going to bed just after five!

Be good to the critters, live and let live,
sometimes it feels good to dig in and give!

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