Friday, November 15, 2013

New growth and pain for Paul

Linda's Christmas Cactus
  Here is Linda's plant, a donation from Marian added to one she already had.  By following directions for watering and feeding this is the result.  Many, many blossoms, some of which have started to fall now.  A lot of these plants seem to blossom in November, and some bloom a second time too.  We'll never know why it's called a cactus since it's really a plant from the jungle and not a member of the cactus family at all.
  New subject:  Yesterday I mentioned a small number of people from Maine had signed up for ACA or Obama-care.  Apparently one Bangor resident, Paul Bunyan of Main Street, signed up and is being treated for a sledding injury.  Shown below you'll find the cause.

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