Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 11/11

  That's me on the right and I'd like to think it's Wilbur on the left but it's not.  We were both good looking young sailors 55 years ago.  Boy does time change things!
  Wilbur's real name is Glen we met about 53 years ago at Naval Air Station Alameda, California, what a group we had there and some of us remain in touch.
Bldg. 8, the Supply Department
  This is where we worked, up on the third floor, and some other buildings too.  That base is now closed and this is a recent picture I captured using Google maps.  Also now at Alameda is the USS Hornet CV-12 which I also served on during the Vietnam War, then I came back to Alameda - in a squadron that time.
  I guess Alameda is almost my hometown in my whole Navy career I served over half of the time at Alameda.  Just lucky I guess.
  Well, Wilbur, Happy Veterans Day!  And to all the other Vets too.


  1. No Gogi that is not me, but we had a lot of good times in Alameda. Wilbur

  2. By the way happy Vets Day. Wilbur