Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And another thing...

                                             Magandang Umaga. (good morning in Tagalog)
Greater Good is now collecting "clicks" for aid to the hard hit Philippine Islands; here's a chance to do something good for free!  Try it you'll like it.  I think they need some U S Navy Seabees and some Army Engineers to put the highway system back in order and some work on the airports so aid can be distributed.
  This is day 19 without a smoke, I have put the e-cig away too (about four days ago).  It is getting easier except the early morning routine, I'm staying home longer to cure that habit.


  1. Hang in there, I quit 9or 10 yrs ago, after a couple of months you will never miss
    them stinking things. I had a cd with a excellent speaker and listened to that
    mornings and nite, also when I was driving around, that really helped. Wilbur

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