Friday, June 19, 2009


It's the creepers over here, I got up at 10PM, was awake a little (half hour) before that! I could use a little more sleep:(.

Not much walking yesterday (Friday), it was raining, and Hollie doesn't usually want to do much of that, so we just did some projects, rode around a little and took her to program.

Today (Saturday) I really hope to get in a couple of miles, take Peggy her paper and go to a meeting (maybe I can sleep through that), some errands to run too. It's not really all that bad, I am used to it after all.

Little Frodo did get to go home, I hope he has a complete recovery. As for me the VA wrote to tell me that I am indeed entitled to a disability. It's ten percent but it means I will probably get my hearing aids FREE! The payment is $123.00 per month, BUT the Navy reduces my retirement by the same amount so there's really no money involved, except the VA part isn't taxable. I love this cartoon, and I believe that most "beauty" contestants are probably smarter than this, and then again, some may not be.

Anyway - Live and Let Live and feed the critters!

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