Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Songo River Locks

The Wooden gate of one of the locks
Photo: Troy R Bennett Bangor Daily News
Asst. Ranger Lauren Hillard opens a gate
Photo: Troy R Bennett Bangor Daily News
  The Locks on the Songo River in Naples, Maine are some of the remnants of  the Cumberland and Oxford Canal system.  The original canal system went from Portland to Harrison via the hand dug 20 mile long portion and Sebago and Long Lakes, Brandy Pond and the Songo River.
  Originally 45 foot long sailing barges carried goods between Portland and the interior of the State.  The barge would be pulled by horses through the canal and to the system of 27 locks to cover the 250 foot plus rise in elevation.  Now boaters use the remaining locks to travel for Sebago Lake up river through these locks.
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Boats leave the Lock to travel up river, water will leave the lock and the gates will be closed.
Photo: Troy R Bennett Bangor Daily News

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