Sunday, August 10, 2014

I bought a new machine.

  A Physical Therapist recommended a Paraffin Bath to be used to reduce pain in my hands, the hands are the point of most of my pain.  It heats paraffin and you did your hands about 6 times, the layers of wax warm your hands - the stuff is hot!  Here's what I think, so far:

This takes some getting used to, This seemingly high heat;
you put your hands in quickly and make a fast retreat.
The stuff begins to thicken, try not to move too much;
and when it cools you peel it off, put it back it costs ten bucks.

It helps the pain to lessen, and could become a treat,
but remember when your hands are wet it's best not to eat.
I'll get used to using this, the waxing takes the credit.
So I'll salute this machine, by waxing poetic.


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