Monday, August 3, 2009


...I'm back on whatever time I'm on,
there's nothing to do but yawn;
from time to time and that's just fine,
a long as sleep I get is mine.

Yesterday turned out nice,
it was quiet around our house;
I got in some walking, four and a half miles,
back to small hills now, changing styles.

I spent the afternoon with TV;
the Red Sox were nice to me,
they won the game in great fashion,
it was nice to see them play with passion.

Today promises to be quiet to,
if Linda take Peggy to do,
to shopping and lab work, and the bank too,
while I sit a home, oh, boo hoo!

But I'll miss going to my meeting,
of which Monday attendance is fleeting,
but there is hope for going tomorrow for sure,
after all it's not like there's a cure.

So I have to remember to live in today,
that's the best we can do anyway,
Live and Let Live, is one golden rule,
more than that it's a useful tool.

Push the big purple button to feed,
all the dogs and the cats that are in need.
Push it and do them a favor,
you have what it takes, good neighbor.

Have a great day!

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