Thursday, August 6, 2009

I wonder if....... time has changed,
I'm up much later, it must be arranged;
for me to sleep almost 'til twelve,
sure I believe that! And Santa has elves.

Yesterday was a pretty good day,
only have a few things to say,
I was under some kind of attack,
deer flies were plenty while walking up and back.

I reached out to slap one,
and guess what got done;
a slight muscle pull, and to boot,
the muscle that pulled, it was a glute.

But it worked out, doesn't hurt a bit,
so I can keep walking, trying to be fit.
Went to a meeting, it was so good,
to be with some people who understood.

Have you pushed a purple button today?
You can do it, and you don't have to pay.
Go to,
push the big button, and move right along.

And please don't forget you're not alone,
there are others out there, and some at home.
Treat everyone like you wish they did you,
Live and Let Live, it will come true.

Have a wonderful day!

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