Saturday, July 4, 2009

BOOM!...'s the Fourth of July! I hope everyone enjoys the day. It's a Hollie day here, she has her room decorated and states "it's a big holiday, just like Christmas!", at least we can say she is patriotic.

I slept until 11:15, not bad. I have the "back thing" again, doctor calls it Lumbago which is an old fashioned term for low back pain, I untied my sneakers while standing so as not to get the floor dirty and BANG (just like a firecracker) there it goes. It doesn't take much and I never know when it will happen, and it doesn't last long.

The Red Sox lost last night, because the manager is an idiot! IDIOT!!!!!

Live and Let Live (almost willing to leave the IDIOT out of this), feed the critters please.

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