Thursday, July 26, 2012

Is it any wonder...?

Canadian Lynx relaxes in Washburn Maine 071512
Bangor Daily News photo by Leslie Jackson
  I have good news and bad news.  I'll start with the good news, there is no project picture today.  It's on account of the Olympics are on TV.  That use of language is based on Lula speaking in the Stephanie Plum novels.
  Anyhow the Olympics are on TV; shown on NBCSports and of course I have cable, and I'm a sucker for stuff like that.  I watched the USA womens soccer team beat France yesterday, 4-2, well I watched most of it, I was asleep part of the time.  Well, it was early afternoon, and nap time for the geezer.
  Now for the bad news.  I did take my car down to the tire store in Brewer so they could give me an opinion on the tire that was wearing out faster than it should.  The tire, rated for 80,000 miles, is worn out (it wouldn't pass a State Inspection) in less than 30,000 miles.  The other three tires that I bought at the same time are okay, but one of them is wearing out prematurely too.
  I have an appointment Monday to take care of the tire problems (I have insurance on the tires), spark plugs, accessory drive belt (serpentine belt), fuel system check, oil change, check the front brakes that squeak and whatever else).  I am not looking forward to the bill, nor is my MasterCard.
A kettle hole in a Kennebunk, Maine Salt Marsh. photo

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