Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's gonna be a great day, just you wait and see!

Almost there - click
The front came through!  The front cam through!  Yes, yes, yes!  Pretty exciting stuff isn't it?  And, it's just a weather pattern.  But the humidity and slightly higher temps are gone; replaced by low humidity, low dew points and lower temps.  Plus, as a bonus, a very nice breeze from the north and west.  This will be an excellent day for a walk, at about 3:00AM.
  The old car needs a tire looked at, by someone other than me, by someone who knows what they're looking at.  I bought four tires about 28,000 miles ago; the tire are rated for 80,000 miles; and they cost a bundle.  One of the four looks a lot more worn than the others, an alignment was done then, and an alignment was done a little later on too.  Something looks wrong to me, we'll see what Mr. Pelletier has to say.
  As you can see (maybe) the project house is just about finished, there are some lines between the two windows on the right and the door needs something more.  Putting the white on was a little bit difficult, I used acrylic paint for that - my old instructor said "why not? It's water based, isn't it?", if it's good enough for her it's good enough for a geezer hack like me.
  Ready for a walk.

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