Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Never a dull moment...until now

Harraskeet River, Freeport, Maine  www.mainetoday.com
  We have made it almost to the end of July, thankfully.  Now if we can get through August at least the weather might take a turn for the better.  I should be grateful that Maine doesn't have drought conditions like most other states, but it's the heat and humidity that wears us down.
  This morning, at 1AM, it was 69 degrees with 99 percent humidity; that equals a slow walk for the geezer in a couple of hours.  I might as well walk slow anyway to accommodate my left hip, it's getting slightly painful.
  On the bright side the goldenrod is in bloom and some of those other signs that fall is not too far off, the apples are looking good on the orchard website, but I'm sure those farmers who have apples or blueberries would love some good rain.  We have been forecasted to have some showers of the thunder variety this morning - we'll wait and see.
Great granddaughter Ellie celebrates her first birthday.

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