Saturday, July 28, 2012

Not setting a record

Finished - click
  While the Olympic was in reruns yesterday, and there were no daytime baseball games on TV I took time to finished 'the house'.  Now it's time to think of the next project which I've selected and we'll see how I can make it look.
  My walking program is going strong now, the past seven days have see an average of 6.916 miles per day.  I'm going to have to find a different location soon because the State is going to replace the Union Street overpass of I-95.  That bridge is right in the middle of my walk, both ways.  I don't like to walk in residential areas because of the time, 3:00-4:00AM, and the possibility of peoples dogs barking and waking them.  And I'm thinking the police might think I'm 'casing the joint'; there's some real "childhood fears" in action there.  I'll find a new place soon with out a lot of trouble, the Griffin Road/Airport area might be a good place.  I'm writing this like you know the places and of course you don't, I guess you could Google those street names in Bangor, Maine and see them.
  Today is a Hollie Day, I need to visit the ATM this morning and get ready for the fast action of "race shopping" and pacing while waiting for the employees of Staples to laminate the projects. Yeow!

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