Sunday, July 29, 2012

One thousand one hundred fifty-eight

Sheep have the sense to stay out of the hot sun. photo
  The title?  Oh, well, that's how many times I've written this thing in the middle of the night.
  The weather?  Hotter in July than it is in the city, my old friend Ralph used to say.  It's been hot here and that's not unique.  It's been hot everywhere in the USA I think, and dry too.  It's almost August, another hot month, but this stuff can't last for ever.  At least I hope not.  Walking, even in the early morning can be hot (for me), of course I complain at sixty-three degrees.
  The next project?  Shown below, I'll try that one, if it doesn't work out, I have another floral to work on.
  The Red Sox?  They won last night, the rain delay must have gotten to somebody.  I don't expect they'll win tonight, 8PM on ESPN,  no way they will take two of three in NYC.  The Sox remain in last place all by themselves (other teams win too), and they may very well end the season right there.
The next project, the photo to work from.  Linda Grant photo

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