Friday, August 3, 2012

Signs of the times, or not.

Cemetery road in Alna, Maine
  I suppose you can find unusual signs almost anywhere, but here in Maine there are more than a few.  At least we know that the good folks in Alna have a sense of humor.
  Humor is big in Maine, we are self depreciating and laugh at ourselves often.  Comedy people love to talk about their home state with an embellished accent.  For example (it's harder to write it):
    A hot air balloon pilot landed the balloon in a farmers field, and asked the farmer "where am I?"
    The farmer replied "Your in a b-loon you damn fool"
That's a joke from way back in the Bert and I days, I still think it's funny too.  I love Maine humor, actually I love humor period; I just happen to live here.
Says it all, right there.
  Here in Maine there are always signs by the State Forestry Stations and many of the Fire Stations that indicate the fire danger as being high or low.  It's important to pay attention of those signs when over ninety percent of the State is forested, and we wouldn't want those corporations to lose money.
  Well, that's it.  For today anyway.

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