Saturday, August 4, 2012

Make a list of......?

A child made this list but it could have been mine
  I've been making lists for quite a while, I have one to use later today (when the stores are open).  When I worked my whole day/work/what the boss wanted were laid out in spreadsheets using Microsoft Excel, one of the more useful tools.
  These days I keep a variety of records in Excel, hearing aid updates/fixing/battery and filter changes, I have one for what I eat and how far I walk, one for car maintenance, who, where, when and how much.  There is one that lets me know how much money I can spend for the month averaged by the day, and on, and on and on.  You get the idea that I have a weak memory or that I'm not well organized, or too organized.  The truth is I like using Excel, oh you can change colors, size, appearance, write neat math formulas, lots and lots of cool things.  Either that or I'm nuts.
You can decorate a list too.
A flight from Pittsburg to New York was delayed by a swarm of bees.  It was the third time in a month that bees swarmed on equipment at the Pittsburg Airport.  An expert beekeeper removed the bees.  Maybe they were too lazy to fly themselves to New York.  What do you think?

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