Sunday, August 5, 2012 particular place to go...

I have my limits. photo
  Who sang that song?  Ridin' along in my automobile, rock, rock, rock and roll........  Anyone know, I'm too lazy to look it up, I've reached my limits.
  You could also use that photo to describe the Red Sox, big names but nothing there (that cares to play). 
  This morning is supposed to be the last one, for a short while, with dew points nearly as high as the temps.  Even at 3:00am it's hard to feel like walking four miles or so, it will help that there is a breeze this morning.  Tomorrow we should have some dryer air, hopefully.  I'll walk anyway, since I'm trained to do stupid things.
  I watched more Olympics yesterday, the USA v Lithuania basketball game was too close for comfort, the "Blade runner" race, I saw in reruns, was terrific.  I don't know how those blades works but they do, the guy wearing them deserves a lot of credit, a lot.  Other than those two things you were screwed if you don't like tennis or water polo, I don't.
  We will see where today takes us.

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