Saturday, August 11, 2012

Telephones, Time and Temper among other things

  It is my opinion that the time to call on the telephone, emergencies excluded, should be limited to business hours, or before 6:00PM.  That's just an opinion, not a law.
  Here in our humble home area doctors and other who are seen by appointment have a habit (assume habits are bad) of calling to remind you of an appointment.  First:  Are we really dumb enough to forget written information.  Second: Aren't we old enough to remember to read what we wrote.  Third: If it's okay for them to call why can't it be done during business hours.
  Last night I was watching the national news, starts at 6:30PM, and was interested in what was being talked about.  My wife was asleep.  The phone rang, I answered, no one said a word.  After a delay a voice reminded my wife of an appointment, and please press one if you validate the appointment.  This was on Friday night, the appointment is Tuesday - so, you see, they do trust us to remember for a limited time.  Now, if it's important to call after hours, shouldn't it be at the very least a "live" person who places the call and not a "robot"?

  Cell phones are important, we even have one at our advanced age.  Our carrier is Verizon, which seems to be the only one with a plan for "seniors".  Both U S Cellular and AT&T Wireless have an office, or multiple offices in the Bangor area.
  One of the companies has, at least locally, a HUGE advertising budget, US Cellular, has covered city buses 100 percent with ads, they were using a mobile billboard until it was declared illegal (Maine has a strict Billboard Law).  The other two advertise sporadically on TV or print ads.
  My opinion is that, not considering the "senior" plan, there isn't a whole lot of difference between the three of them.  You make calls, you pay for a pre-set number of minutes - end of discussion.  I don't text or browse the 'net on a phone, the keys are way to small for that, and I don't really know how to text anyway, so that's not a part of my discussion.

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  1. Start listening to Fox News, there you get the
    straight facts and you get them all day. NBC<
    CBS, ABC and the others are so damn bias they
    make me sick. Wilbur