Monday, August 6, 2012

Don't believe it for a minute

Fall 2010, Bog Road, Hermon, Maine - click to enlarge      Photo by Linda Grant
  The fall photo is not a mistake, it's a wish and we can't wait!  It is almost too hot to walk even at 3AM, and the humidity is horrible.  Come on Fall and a breath of fresh air.
  I see that the Mars Rover just landed and I am wondering why our government is wasting so much money doing things like that.  It's about 100 degrees in the shade or 10 below at night in some parts of the dusty planet, and other places it's over 600 degrees - want to live there?  The Federal Government through NASA has wasted billions of dollars on this useless crap.  I wish I could use stronger language, I wish the people could vote on things like this.
  The Red Sox won yesterday, it must have broken their hearts.  They have been fighting so hard for that last place, the cellar, and now with that win they're still a half game out of last.  Oh! The sorrow!
Dixmont, Maine - 2010 click to enlarge    Photo by Linda Grant

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