Thursday, August 9, 2012

On the road again

Hollie at Bug Light Park, South Portland, Maine 8/8/2012
I picked her up at daybreak, just a bit past dawn,
got her in the car, and we were off and gone;
right on to the Interstate, in the direction of south,
"going down to Portland, Dad" were the words from her mouth.

One of two vacation days, that I allow each year,
and let's go back to Portland, put this car in gear.
I don't mind the travel except the price of gas,
but in the words of wisdom, This too shall pass.

First a stop in Newport, Tim Hortons is the place,
eating a quick breakfast, slow down it's not a race;
back out on the highway, foggy by the streams,
but the sun quickly burns it off, it's so hot it steams.

Next stop is Biddeford, first Target, then the prize,
Staples with her projects, surprise, surprise, surprise;
ten laminated items later, we're back in the car,
up the road to Saco, Renys isnt' far.

Now on up to Wal-Mart, Scarboroughs the chosen place,
just in time to find a magazine, t-shirt too, and still it's not a race.
A quick lunch at KFC and we're headed east,
Portland Head Light is there, it calms the savage beast.

A couple of of photo ops, a visit to the store,
one huge postcard later, and we're out the door.
Now to South Portland, Spring Point here we come,
we already hit the prize you see, Portland Head is number one.

Some photos at Spring Point, she takes one of me,
learns to use the camera, easy - one, two, three.
Down the road a little ways to our last lighthouse,
Bug Light the tiny thing, kind of a lighthouse mouse.

Now, on the road to Augusta, sixty miles, more or less,
getting out of Portland - construction makes a mess,
quick stop in Topsham, Target store is there,
a pop, a wonder - what was that?  Just a tiny scare.

Then I see the crack, it's small but growing now,
the windshield took a hit.  Now - don't have a cow;
we made it home in record time, watchful of that crack,
"get it fixed tomorrow, dad".  We're right back on track.
The Geezer hisself at Spring Point Light, South Portland Maine 8/8/12
the first photo Hollie ever took.  Do I look ready?

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