Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Looking up? Are you?

The Croc isn't real, the child is, let me explain.    funpub.net photo
  You see, the Governor of Maine, Paul E. LePlague er LePage thinks that people in other states look down on students entering college in other states.  He based his assumption on his personal experience.  For starters, he went to college in Maine.  For the rest, just because people in other states looked down at him, well, a lot of us here in Maine look down at him too.  The guy is laughable to say the least.  Two more years and that guy will be ready to have the proverbial fork stuck in.  Now the photo; the baby represents LePlague, the Croc represents the rest of us.  Actually the teeth may be his hangers-on.
Photo by Maine Forest Rangers, August 6, 2012
  Forest Rangers are fighting a fire at the top of Big Spencer Mountain in Piscataquis County, Maine.  The main tool being used are two helicopters, they carry large buckets of water from lower elevations, the nearest lake is three miles away.  Those buildings are radio repeater stations, those are one way radio/television and other services are delivered to rural or remote areas.
  The Maine Forest Service deserves a lot of credit for the jobs that they do, no the least of which  is fire fighting.  They also manage public lands, forestry practices, and make sure loggers only cut what they should.  Rangers also catch "log poachers" who cut logs where they shouldn't.  Rangers are foresters who also carry a badge, they have graduated from the Maine Police Academy along with the police and game wardens.  Hats off to the Maine Forest Service.

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