Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh no! Not again!

  The title of todays blog refers to Advanced Sleep Phase Disorder, which I have.  I have been doing better since 2009/2010 when I spent some time in the hospital with pneumonia.  I used to wake up every day at 11:30PM and go to bed at 5:30PM.
  After leaving the hospital I changed to getting up at 2AM and going to bed at 7:30AM.  I woke up today at 11:30PM!  I am concerned that my body/brain are switching back.
  I had all of the work done on our car yesterday, got credit for the pre-mature tire wear which amount to about 2 free tires and 2 purchased tires to replace the others.  I also got new front brakes, spark plugs, wires, fuel system cleaning (hoping to get back to 30mpg), an accessory drive belt (we used to say: fan belt), alignment at all that = $1282.00.  No wonder I can't sleep!  At lease it's cheaper than a new car.
  While I was waiting for the car I watched some Horseback Steeplechase, one horse fell, scary time, the horse is okay the rider too.  Another rider fell or was thrown off, he limped away, he was older than I am (71).  Then I watched volleyball, lot's of it, USA, Brazil, Japan and another country that slips my mind played in different series.  Volleyball can be boring if you watch it for three hours.  I was at the shop for six hours except for walking to lunch at Quiznos.
  Well since I'm up and at 'em, I'll get at 'em.

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