Monday, July 30, 2012

Too many to choose from

  The photo machine isn't working at the moment, so as a result, it's just words.
  I was trying to watch the Olympics yesterday and once I/we had located all six or seven channels we were off and running, or maybe just off.
  The first channel has what I think the Olympic Committee calls "handball".  It's not handball as you may know it, there were teams from Kazakhstan and Slovenia on a court designed like a small hockey rink with soccer goals (short ones).  Each team had maybe six people who would throw the small basketball back and forth.  Every once in a while one player would jump in the air and throw the ball in the goal.  Score one for a weird sport.
  The next channel had an overly dressed man in a tophat.  He was from Norway and was riding a horse with a short tail.  He was riding the horse around the edge of a square drawn in the dirt.  How thrilling is that?  My heart rate increased so much I had to turn it off.
   Next was a real soccer match, but between Uzbekistan and Morraco so how much interest does that generate.  About as much as the water polo on the next channel.
  There was a bicycle race, the womens main road race, so NBC in its infinate wisdom showed us the middle part only.  Go figure.
  And phooey too.

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