Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Something for nobody

  Well, if I added up all of the sleep I got yesterday I probably wouldn't be able to do it.  I fell asleep twice sitting here at the computer.  I slept for an hour from eleven to noon, a couple of other catnaps in the afternoon too.  After all of that I went to bed and got five hours of sleep.  I have been up since 12:30AM and that's an improvement over yesterday, by a whole hour!
  The Red Sox continued to win, four in a row now, the game lasted only five and a half innings because of the rain.  The Sox are now out of last place, barely, Beckett didn't get traded either which means more time in the cellar (maybe).
  I watched the Womens Soccer yesterday, US v. PRK with the US winning 1-0, the North Koreans play rough, one player got a red card (ejected), went into the stands and grabbed a towel from a spectator, and finally went to the locker room, she was some angry.  The US men won a basketball game, beating Tunisia, but I didn't find it on any of the five or so channels that have Olympic content here with Time-Warner Cable.
  Who knows what today will bring, looks like some showers for sure and maybe a little steady rain for the gardens and brown lawns.  I will have to walk between the rain drops, or don't walk at all; I have some right hip pain this early AM, I will have to wait and see.

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