Saturday, July 21, 2012

You never know

Gooches Beach, Kennebunk Maine click to enlarge
  Sometimes looking through photos can be interesting and fun. and both have extensive photo collections sent in be people all over the place.  Scenic and weather conditions of all kinds, shapes and sizes.  The Nevada photo (below) caught my eye first, it's just a tiny bit different than some others.
  One morning this week there was a rainbow in Bangor, right over the airport it looked like.  I thought it was a bit unusual because the sun rise wasn't yet complete.  Maybe maybe now.
  I worked on the painting yesterday, but it doesn't look much different than before, I plan to do more today, tear myself away from the "games on TV", and work on it.
Nipton Road, Searchlight Nevada 07-13-12. click to enlarge, really.

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