Monday, July 16, 2012

There must be a way, maybe?

Old Village of Shaktoolik, Alaska.  The people have moved inland just
a bit to the New Village.  Looks like a future project.
  First the project.  I have made the initial tracing of the same house you saw before.  This time it's just the house, larger but without the vegetation.  If  that "works" then maybe I'll tackle some of those buildings up there.  I have are three photos sent by my daughter who is in contact with someone who lives in the "new" Shaktoolik.  The village was moved because of rising water and the old town was in danger of drowning.
  Second the Sleep stuff:  I have begun to wake earlier and earlier, again.  If any of you recall my time to get up used to be about 11:30PM, then it got advanced to 2AM, now I'm back to Midnight.  I do nap in the daytime, not much control of that.  I think that if I napped earlier it might be helpful.  This "Advanced Sleep Disorder" is genetic, and I'm right on schedule like my dad and grandfather.  I always think it would be nice to stay up longer like a "regular" person.  Maybe, maybe not.

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