Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Is it open or closed?

Bobcat goes to jail.   ABC  News photo
  There was a bobcat that felt naughty, so he went to jail.  In Washington State the bobcat made his way through a small hole in the wire.  The little critter was tranquilized and released.  Maybe next time he gets an urge to be punished he will pick a fight with something bigger than he is.
FDNY photo; looking down an elevator shaft.
  A parking attendant in New York City drove the car to the elevator in a parking garage, the door opened and he and a passenger drove in.  The elevator wasn't there so down the car went.  There were only minor injuries to the two people.  The New York Fire Department pulled the car the rest of the way down with ropes, I'm guessing there was a bit of damage but the car was totaled anyway.
  While I was writing this a fly got on the screen.  It's a touch screen computer so the fly took the cursor away, now I've got to hunt him down, I don't appreciate flies.
  My brother in law, Thom, dropped in yesterday.  He brought his new Ford Mustang Convertable, nice black, top line car.  Thom won the car in a Kellogg's contest.  He did let me drive it for a couple of miles, very nice.  I was kind of dissapointed when he didn't offer to let me keep it :)

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