Sunday, July 15, 2012

I'm only going to write this once

  When you're born and grow up in northern New England it usually comes with an inborn dislike of the New York Yankees, usually.  I'm a Red Sox fan, my father and mother were Red Sox fans too.  I remember going to my grandparents farm on Sunday afternoons and hearing my father and my uncles Jack and Armand arguing with the familys only Yankee fan my Uncle Dick.  Personally I believe that Uncle Dick claimed to be a Yankee fan so he could argue with people, if you ever met him you'd know why I say that.  I also have a friend, Harry, who I have coffee with a couple of days a week, he's a Yankee fan and he grew up in "The County" (Aroostook) so how that ever happened is an unexplained mystery.  I'm not wholly convinced that he isn't like Uncle Dick anyway.
  Now I want to talk about the Yankees, the team I dislike.  They have had a long list of players who are counted among the greatest of all time, Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, Berra and on and on.  Currently they have the best, most complete ballplayer today, The Captain, Derek Jeter.  They also have names like Rodriguez and Grandeson to mention a few.  That team is in first place while the Red Sox linger in the netherworld of cellar, near cellar, cellar.
  It wasn't always this way they broke the mould in 2004 by winning the World Series, my 91 year old mother was "pleased as punch" that they won it for the first time in her life since she was 5.  There probably won't be any large celebrations this year for the Boston Red Sox, no trophy to show off, no ride in the 'duck boat parade', and no pennant to fly at Fenway Park.  But those other guys the much disliked Yankees could win it all.

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