Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just another hot day

Sunrises on a pond.  Portland Press Herald
  That photo wasn't taken this week for sure, neither the air or water are chilly.  Today will be another day at ninety degrees then maybe one more on Sunday, whew!
  I am going to walk a little less today early this morning, then it's a Hollie day so I'll be home before noon; to stay!
  I have not decided yet which project to work on, my guess is it'll be the house alone.  I am sure that it would look better that way, a bit more detail will make a difference.  Hope that's not wishful thinking.
  Red Sox are back with a win after the All-Star break that was welcome news, so we'll just plod along and wait.  The old manager used to say "well, it's a long season" when asked why the team kept losing; he never added that it was August and there were only a few weeks left.  So, I'll say it again.  It's a long season.

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