Thursday, July 12, 2012

How much

Such as it is, there's still some work to do - click to enlarge
  There went an average day, summer style.  Between watching the end of the Tour de France, watching a couple of games of the NBA Summer League and some highlights of the MLB All-Star game and working on the project up there....well, I got tired.
  I was dozing on and off most of the afternoon and evening I think, there was one nap of about 30 minutes too.  And I walked a couple of miles less too; but my weekly average is about 6.5 miles a day.
  I will be back on my regular walking schedule today, need to have to car home at 8am, so will be prompt about things.  A couple of errands to do as well but those are the easy ones.
  Well, back to the grind ;P

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