Sunday, November 23, 2014

A long start for Atlantic Salmon

Bringing fish to the hatchery in the 1890s the village of Orland in the background - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabor Degre Bangor Daily News
  The federal government is celebration 125 years at the Craig Brook National Fish Hatchery in Orland, Maine.  The facility is devoted to breeding and preserving the Atlantic Salmon, young fish are released in eastern Maine rivers each season.  The State of Maine opened the facility in 1871, and the federal government took over in 1880.
  Located at Alamoosook Lake in Orland workers work continually to produce the fine quality fish that has teased anglers for two centuries.  For more photos, a video and information please go to:
A tray of eggs.  These are kept in an incubator.
Photo: Gabor Degre, Bangor Daily News
The Hatchery with a bronze of a full size Salmon - click to enlarge
Photo: Gabor Degre, Bangor Daily News

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