Friday, June 6, 2014

Citroens deuce

1980 Citroens 2CV
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle
  Dave and Irene Major have the honor of owning two of the French automobiles.  The 2CV is France's idea of the Volkswagen, the peoples car.  With a two cylinder engine, which must give great mileage, you can still hit 60 miles an hour.  The  two-tone paint job on this car gives it an extra look.

The upholstery is blue with yellow rubber ducks, and a large rubber duck sit on top of this car at auto shows.  I will show the other car tomorrow, the software is preventing a double today.

A side note:  93 year old Jim Martin, a World War Two paratrooper jumped at Normandy Beach yesterday a the 70 year memorial.  The aircraft used was Whiskey Seven, our old friend.

A look at the cargo box, and a peek at the open roof and rolled up roof top.
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle

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