Monday, June 2, 2014

Veterans lost in the wilds of Alameda

See?  It's in the paper
  Well, vets did get lost in Alameda.  In 1902!  Of course the geezer and Wilbur got lost looking for them in 1962 (probably).
  It's interesting that anyone got lost, but I wasn't there in 1902 when veterans of the Civil War left a church on Grand Street through a door different than the one they entered.  I guess from reading about it there were a lot of oak trees north of the church.  I'll show you a map of the area as it is today, you could still get lost, maybe, not likely it you ask for direction.
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Grant Street is right over here. - click to enlarge
Photo: Google maps

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  1. Hey Gogi, Just to let you know I did get lost a couple of times in Navy housing
    after I got done banging a couple of WESTPAC widows and their husbands found
    out. What is the record for the 100 yd dash??? I think I have it and its not in the
    record book. Have you got windows 7 or 8??????