Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Quecus bicolor

Swamp White Oak in Paris Hill, Maine - click to enlarge
Reader submitted photo to Lewiston Sun Journal
  The picture is of the largest Swamp White Oak in Maine, it totals 233 feet (Height plus girth).  This species of tree is important to the lumber industry.  If you have oak cabinets, flooring or furniture there's a good chance it came from one of these trees.
  Each year Counties and foresters around Maine look for the largest of many kinds of trees, some are important to industry and some are decorative; they all provide oxygen for us to live.  This particular species is rare in Maine, occurring in only two spots in the southern part of the State, but it's common in other eastern states.
  On a different subject I just read that the first police officer was shot and killed in the whole history of Iceland.  That's remarkable, the current government dates back to around 935ad.

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