Monday, December 2, 2013

Messy Mess

About 11:30 yesterday - it was snowing here
Screenshot clip
  Even if that screenshot shows no snow, it was snowing then, and it's snowing now.  There's not a lot but maybe some freezing rain early this AM too.  Messy stuff and I have an appointment at 8:30, and Jeff for Cardiac Rehab at 7:00; yikes!
  I know, I know it happens every year.  And every year I'll say 'I'm not driving in that" and I do it anyway.  It's not a nice comfortable ride, is it?
Bangor Airport report at 11:30 yesterday - click to enlarge
noaa online
  If you would like to check the weather near you, try the NOAA website for aviators.  Find it here:

  It's a USA map and you just click on the airport of your choice and get a report like the on above.
Thanks Wilbur.

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