Sunday, December 1, 2013

One down and then what?

Photo: Linda Grant
  Look at that!  It was 9 degrees this morning and Brewer, just 12 miles away, looked like spring.  We went to Brewer to Hollie's house for a meeting with "the Visitor", a court appointed snoop for the Probate Court.  She serves Hollie her papers that a court action involving her will take place.  As if she didn't already know.  At least the visitor was a very pleasant lady and the whole process took place in less than a half hour.
  Then we went to breakfast/lunch and shopping and laminating with Hollie.  At least she tolerated going with the two of us, something kind of new.  And then I was tired and fell asleep watching TV.
  Just another exciting day for a 72 year old geezer.

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