Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bridgton and Saco River Railroad

The Bridgton Station.  Photo Bridgton Historical Society
  Established in 1882 this railroad was a narrow guage line about 21 miles in length.  Track was laid from Bridgton to Hiram (on the Saco River) and extended northwest from Bridgton to Harrison.
  Business was brisk with both passengers and freight, cars loaded with freight that transferred to the Maine Central RR in Hiram were re-loaded onto other cars on a siding, the B&SR narrow gauge cars would not work on Maine Centrals' regular tracks.
  Bus and truck traffic in the late 1920's took a toll on the B&SR and part of the line was discontinued.
Service between Bridgton and Harrison ran until 1941 and the rail cars and locomotive stock were sold to the Edaville Railroad in Massachusetts.
  Small railroads like this one were really the canaries in the railroad "coal mine", a warning to the large railroads that competition with automotive transport would be tough, and the railroads needed to do a bit more to stay active.
The trestle and Harrison Station.  Photo Bridgton Historical Society
A train leaving Harrison Photo Bridgton Historical Society
The Notch in Hiram, the 600 foot elevation had to be reduced.
Photo Bridgton Historical Society

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