Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A sad day

1940 Ford Pickup - click to enlarge
  There were three garage fires in nearby towns yesterday, all had the loss of some valuable stuff.  In Winterport a retired mechanic lost a life time of tools and two antique cars a 1940 Ford Pickup and a 1949 Chevrolet convertible.  It would cost thousands of dollars to replace the loss.
  In Corinna another retired mechanic, who still took work at home, lost his garage and a life time of tools.  Cars he was working on were also lost.  He had no insurance, a very sad thing indeed.
  In Lewiston (which really isn't too nearby) a 1998 Porche was lost in a garage fire along with a newer, less expensive car.
  The first fire was caused by sparks as the owner was using a grinder, he didn't notice the smoldering rags.  The second fire had a unknown cause, probably connected with a wood stove or a chimney that wasn't cleaned - we'll never know.  No cause was given in the third instance.
  It was a sad day for three hard working men.
1949 Chevrolet convertible

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