Friday, February 8, 2013

Working for a living, horse style

Full hitch in 1933 at the Saint Louis stables.
Photo: Anheuser Busch
  Anheuser Busch has been using horses, Clydesdales, to pull wagons from its inception, in the early days that is the way beer was delivered.  Now days the full hitch wagon teams are for show and parades.  The horses, whether in full hitch or individually are a sight to behold.  I am a fan of working horses and was fortunate to have seen the Anheuser Busch team (one of them) once in South Portland, Maine in about 1982; what a wonderful display.  The brewing company still has its primary stable in St. Louis.  Only the male horses are used in a hitch, or team, the females are used for breeding, about 30 foals are born each year.   Horses are kept at various locations and take part in many shows and parades every year.  One of the new males foals this past month was named Stan, in honor of Stan Musial the St. Louis Cardinal great.
A six horse team in 1934
Photo: Anheuser Busch
The modern eight horse hitch in a recent photograph
Photo: Anheuser Busch

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