Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Alanson Mellen "Mellie" Dunham, part 3

Mellie (L) and Gram (R) in Mellie's dance band c1925, shortly after their 50th anniversary - click to enlarge
Photo: Norway Historical Society via
  Remember in Part one Mellie had been given a violin in pieces?  Mellie put the violin together and taught himself to play fiddle - not a terribly easy task.  The very fact that he was successful in this venture, as well as the snowshoe business, testifies to what great amount of Yankee Ingenuity he had.
  Mellie knew that Henry Ford out in Dearborn Michigan had an interest in fiddles as well as the "old time" dance bands - Mellie wrote Mr. Ford a letter and was invited to play for him.
  On December 7, 1925 Mellie and Gram left for Dearborn to meet Mr. Ford, they played a performance at Mr. Fords dance studio and met with Mr. Ford.  I would imagine that would be quite an honor for a farm boy from Maine.  When they left Norway Mr. Ralph Owen Brewster the Governor or Maine was on hand to see them off, along with news people from all over Maine, New England and even New York City.
Mellie with Henry Ford - click to enlarge
Photo: Norway Historical Society via
Mellie plays his fiddle at home c1927
Photo: Norway Historical Society via


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