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And you had to go to school

East Grand School c1900 - click to enlarge
Photo: East Grand School via
By the end of the nineteenth century school attendance was mandatory.  The East Grand School is a good example of schools in small towns.  Wooden floors, wood stoves (notice the stove pipe ran all the across the ceiling (danger)), children of different ages used the same room and teacher.
Chemistry at Fryeburg Academy c1906 - click to enlarge
Photo: Fryeburg Academy Archives via
Academies came to Maine too, most were private boarding schools with agreements to let local children attend too; there are still quite a few here with students from many countries and states.
The boys in the photo are wearing coats because there was no central heating.
Woodworking class at Portland High School c1920-click to enlarge
Maine Historical Society via
In the cities "Mechanical Arts" were taught; woodworking, metal work, automobile mechanics were among the subjects. Now days "shop" classes are in centralized locations, for instance Bangor has a school with students from the surrounding area and classes are half day at United Technology and a half day at the students regular school - the subjects are the same as in the photo with a lot more.
Horse drawn "school sleds", Caribou c1928 - click to enlarge
Photo: Caribou Public Library via
Horse drawn sleds or wagons depending on season were used in some locations.  These sleds had benches on both sides and were heating with small wood stoves.  The stoves were placed on a gravel bed to prevent tipping over.  And there you have it: Education in Maine.

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