Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maine Farms and such

Trout Brook Farm, undated - click to enlarge
Photo: Patten Lumberman's Museum via
  I suspect that farm high up in Piscataquis County was used to care for horses used in the lumber industry.  During the off season horses needed a place to get rested up.  The horse was the "skidder" of the past, some are still in use.
  Barns in New England where usually attached to sheds and houses, very common.  In my case it was fact.  The outhouse was in the barn, it kept us out of the winter wind, but not the cold.  The woodshed/laundry room was in between the house and barn.  Only once was a bobcat in the woodshed, it jumped from the wood for the door using my dad as a "stepping stone".
  Barns and houses weren't always connected either, both of my grandparents had barns across the road from the house and shed(s).
French House in Garland, Maine c1920 - click to enlarge
Photo: Garland Historical Society via
  This large farm is, I believe, still standing on State 94, of course I'm easily mistaken.  This is quite a group of large buildings.  I'm glad I don't have to paint this property.
Bodwell Street, Sanford, Maine c1900 - click to enlarge
Photo: Sanford Historical Society via
  This house and barn are still in place, but sadly the porch was torn off and vinyl siding was installed, sort of ruined the nice old place.  This is an example of an in-town building set up, horses had to have a place too.

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