Monday, April 1, 2013

Bringing home the cows?

  Out in Nelson County, North Dakota there were a family of cattle rustlers.  This is not the 1800s, this is present day.  The sheriff had a problem, he didn't want his men to just walk into a gun fight.
The US Customs and Border Protection Service called to offer help.  The sheriff accepted.
  The help came in the form of a Predator drone, with the drones help the family surrendered without a shot fired, and the cows came home.
A Predator drone at Grand Forks North Dakota Air National Guard Base
This drone is for Border Protection. - click to enlarge
Photo: MSGT David Lipp, Air National Guard via NBC news.
  A lot of folks don't want the police to use drones.  I'm for them if they help people, as in the above story.  I don't worry about the police, I have nothing to hide, well...if I have clothes on anyway.
  Drones can be used in search and rescue, finding lost people and helping to bring the cows home.
Some of the are small and could be carried in a car trunk, some are large and fixed wing and some are like a helicopter.  They're all useful, in the right hands.
An AeroVironment Qube drone - click to enlarge
Photo: AeroVironment via NBC News
Leptron Helicopter drone - click to enlarge
Photo: Leptron Corp. via NBC News

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