Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Sanford, Maine over 100 years ago

  I never lived in Sanford but in the "Town next door", I did start High School at Sanford High before my family moved to Ohio and took me with them.  After three years when I graduated we moved back to Maine.  Sanford is where I found the Navy Recruiter and joined.
  I was baptized in Sanford (the first time) because that Baptist Church had a "baptismal" - an artificial pool type arrangement - in back of the pulpit and behind a curtain.
First Baptist Church - click to enlarge
Photo: Sanford Historical Committee via www.mainememory.net
  This is the church on the corner of Main and Kimball, it's not much different to this day, the windows have been changed, and I'm not sure about the chimneys.  This is the corner where we waited after school for my father to get out of work - then we went home.  The high school is a mile or more up Main Street toward Springvale.  We just walked down and waited, of course we took our time.
  Springvale is part of Sanford but it's treated almost as a separate Town.  It's where the ice house and the railroad station are, and the Shoe Factory that's now housing the elderly.  Nason College was in Springvale too, my cousin Norman graduated from Nason and taught business classes in high school.
The Murray home and Livery Stable in 1910 - click to enlarge
Photo: Sanford Historical Committee via www.mainememory.net
The Twelve Apostles - click to enlarge
Photo: Sanford Historical Society via www.mainememory.net
  These were some of the houses built for workers in the Goodall Mills on Cottage Street, I don't know if they are still there, I would hope so.
  Goodall is a "major" name in Sanford, Goodall Hospital, Goodall Library etc. etc.  Those mills were the town when I was young, now I hardly ever go there except for a funeral, I live about 180 north and east of Sanford now.  It was nice to visit this way.

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