Thursday, December 12, 2013

At last?

Horsehead Rock - click to enlarge
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Photo: Aislinn Sarnacki Bangor Daily News
  At last?  Maybe!  It seems that some members of Congress have made a decision to cooperate, that's amazing.  What's even more amazing is that those members, of both houses, have crafted a budget that will last longer than 90 days.  Wow, imagine that; people who are willing to do the job that we elected them to do.  I'm almost in awe!
  Now comes the nay sayers.  You know the ones, those who are guided by special interest groups, who don't listen to the people, they only listen to money.  We can't just go off willy nilly and pass some stupid budget they say.  And they want us to believe that would be un-American.  Silly them!
  I congratulate those who took the "risk" to do the will of the people.

Now, about Horsehead Rock, it is one of many natural features in the Debsconeag Lakes Wilderness Area in north central Maine.  These huge stone features are left by the glaciers that receded about ten thousand years ago.  The particular stone appears to have been broken off a larger stone and upended by the glacier.  The whole area is littered with these very large stone features.

Seasonal photo:
Carolers in Bath, Maine
Photo: John Ewing Portland Press Herald

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