Thursday, February 13, 2014

6.4 Billion dollars down the drain!

Corrosion eats away through zinc primer.
Photo: Michael Short, special to The Chronicle (San Francisco)
  That brand new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge that opened with such fanfare just a few short months ago is rotting!  The steel was fabricated in China (where else), as a cost cutting idea.  The idea has come home to roost.
  The "water tight" chamber that supports the roadway has been discovered to have thousands of leaks.  It was inspected shortly after recent, long hoped for, rain.  The top photo shows just one of hundreds or thousands or pockets of corrosion.
  All that money that was saved?  Now it will be spent on more and more and more maintenance than was ever planned or funded.  Do you think China will pay some money back?  Ha, ha, ha!
Engineers with the Bay Bridge Commission look for leaks.
Photo: Michael Short, special to The Chronicle
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