Thursday, February 20, 2014

An update on the Bay Bridge

Starting construction
Photo: Lance Iverson San Francisco Chronicle
  A while back, February 13th, I wrote about what appears to be faulty steel fabrication on the bridge.  The leaks and corrosion are being treated but meanwhile there is more money being paid out.
  The contractor of the construction is being paid nearly 49 million dollars for finishing the work on time.  Contractor supplied bolts that snapped when the nut was tightened apparently weren't an issue.  Those bolts helped secure the part of the structure that protects the bridge during an earthquake.
  Of course the contractor didn't make the bolts and the steel fabrication was done in China for the most part, but shouldn't there have been an inspection team?
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Concrete waits for an addition
Photo: Lance Iverson San Francisco Chronicle

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