Saturday, February 8, 2014

Far northern war wounds in 1864

The bridge between Calais and Saint Stephen in 1864
Photo: Saint Croix Historical Society
  It was in the summer of 1864 when the Confederate Army planned to rob a bank in Calais, Maine to fund it's operations against the Union Army.
  Canada was a hotbed of Confederate spies as well as a large number of Union Spies.  Canada was still a part of the English Empire at that time.
  Three Confederate spies entered the bank in Calais the July morning, and the law was waiting for them.  The "secret" meeting during the planning stage of the robbery had been attended by a Union spy.
  Gilbert Foster, owner of a Calais business, joined the fray.  Foster's holstered pistol discharged and he shot himself in the foot.
  Mr. Foster was the northern most casualty of the U S Civil War.  But, this was not the northern most incursion by the Confederates.  That honor would go to Saint Albans, Vermont, about a quarter degree north latitude, where three banks were robbed that October.

Yesterday there was no blog.  I overslept, having to meet someone at 4:00am I woke up at 3:30!  I rushed through the basics and met him on time.  During my drive down I finally discovered that my teeth and hearing aids were among the missing.  I drove back with him, did what I needed to do, and he was at work on time.  I also visited the walk in clinic at the Eastern Maine Health Care mall and was examined for an infection which I thought was a urinary tract thing.  The infection is in my prostate which was examined digitally (finger) and nodules were found.  Those nodules need further study.  I'll keep you posted.  the geezer.

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