Sunday, July 6, 2014

Seeking smaller places?

A "container" home - partially finished - click to enlarge
  Some people, a growing number, are shunning the Mc mansions and moving to, or building, smaller spaces.  They're sometimes called minimalists and are tired of the fuss of larger and larger homes.
  It may be a good idea.  There's a company in Brewer, Maine called Snap Space Solutions that builds homes, office buildings, bunk houses and all sorts of things from shipping containers.  Good looking stuff too.  Here's a peek: some of you know I have an interest in Brewer things because the City was my employer for a long stretch of time.
Some people build their own homes.
Photo: Logan Werlinger Portland Press Herald
  Mr. Plummer above is building his own home in Maine, he is a single man with adult children and just wanted to down size.  I've lost the article and that paper charges people $8.00 a month to read more than 10 things - I'm downsizing on them!

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